Injection Services

Environmental Assessment & Remediations is the Badger™ Injection Solutions, LLC Regional Service Provider for the Northeast. Badger’s™ Kinetically Adjustable Pore Space Dilation Injection Delivery System (KAPSDIDS) is proprietary technology that enables the emplacement of a broad range of in-situ remediation products farther, faster and more efficiently from the point of injection than any other available method. Aside from reducing the number of injection locations, the core achievement of this technology is the distribution and physical contact between treatment solution and impacted media, resulting in increased remedial effectiveness.The following are a few notable capabilities of the KAPSDIDS:

Injection equipment is deployed to the subsurface in temporary boreholes via direct push drilling methods

Typical radius of contact is estimated to reach at least 15 feet from the injection point with a vertical mixing potential of approximately 5 feet in a single shot line (depth of injection)

The directional nozzle is not only capable of injecting the treatment chemical at the typical 360°, but the tooling can also be limited to a quarter circle or semi-circle to target a specific treatment area or avoid a building foundation

The Badger™ Cub is available for small scale jobs (<50,000 gallons) that will operate at injection rates of up to ~35 gpm

The Badger™ HD Unit is available for large scale jobs (>50,000 gallons) that will operate at injection rates of up to ~50 gpm and has the ability to inject up to four compatible products simultaneously per delivery event

The units are equipped with a variable velocity injection nozzle

The units allow for real-time data collection of flow rates, temperatures and pressures

EAR has prepared project summaries of just a few of our successful injection projects that have been conducted here in the Northeast.

For additional details about the KAPSDIDS or to schedule a webinar, please contact Jaime Allen 631.447.6400 ext 153 or